Introduction: Tea Light Christmas Trees

These tea lights are an amazing addition to your Christmas decoration.


All you need is:


3D Printer


Battery clip


and a battery!

Step 1: Printing

Open the SCAD file in your preferred software and customize it

Import both files into preferred slicer (I used cura)

Print both files

Step 2: Clip and Battery

Install the clip and hot glue it into place.

Run the wires up through the little holes with the corresponding text on the print (+ and -)

Step 3: Installing LED and (maybe) Switch

Solder the LED to the correct wires from the battery pack.

If you want you can add a switch to the tea light in the switch holder (hot glue that in place too)

Step 4: Assemble

The tea light should fit right into the trees. If it doesn't you can use some hot glue just be careful of warping the plastic


You can use a normal tea light instead of this one. It might not fit into the tree as well though

Step 6: Done

Hope you enjoyed

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