Introduction: Tea Light Holder

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Step 1: Choosing the Right Material

Head out to your. Nearest park with plenty of trees. The more trees the better cause more options and more likely to find viable material. Once you have selected the piece of wood you like the look of check to make sure it's not rotten or has woodworm. You can tell if it's rotten by seeing how easily it breaks and the colour inside. For woodworm look for a cluster of small holes. If it has woodworm you will need to treat it or select a better piece. You can get word worming treatment from any good DIY store.

Step 2: Beginning

Secure your branch in a vice and proceed to cut it in half longways. You can do this with a number of saws use the one you have access to or are more comfortable with. Chop, mitre, jigsaw, hand. Now get your drill with holesaw attachment, if not available to you a spade bit will do too and if you don't have any of these then a hammer and chisel is the way to go. Sit a tealight where you want them to go, trace round it with pen or pencil. With a center punch make a guide hole in the middle of the recently traced circle. If you have a depth gauge this part will be easy, so you should drill down about half way make sure you don't go to far down or candle won't sit. Once you have drilled down get your spade bit or Chisel to get rid of the excess.

Step 3: Prepping

Now you have two slices similar to the one pictured. Choose the piece you like best or do both. Get some sandpaper and rub it with the grain to smooth it out(there should be no chance of getting a scelf). You can leave the bark on if you wish or get a knife or Stanley to strip the bark off, then again sand until smooth.

Step 4: Nearly Done

Now just lightly sand it around the holes and any bits you may have missed. Wipe it down with a damp cloth to make sure there's no sawdust or debris before you bond or seal it. Taking a cloth wipe it all over with some Danish wood oil or whichever oil or wax you prefer some make it darker some are clear just pick the one you like. If you would prefer to paint it try using a fence paint but you can use normal paint too as long as you bond or vanish it when dry. Leave to dry admire your handy work and light those candles.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Masterpiece

Congratulations your a carpenter bask in the warm glow of your tealight candle holder. Lol but seriously be proud of what you have done.
Matierals needed
Holesaw or spade bit
Fallen tree branch
Pva glue
Wood oil or wax

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