Introduction: Tea Box to Tea Light

This was so fun to make!

Step 1: Prep the Tea Box

  1. Open the box at the side seam
  2. Lay box flat onto work surface and coat with gesso

Step 2: Make the Window

  1. For the window I used a chipboard window from Gina's Designs.
  2. I placed the window on the box where I wanted it to be and traced the inside of the window.
  3. With my ruler ,I traced around the box that I just drew to make it a little bigger.
  4. Cut this out with exacto knife

Step 3: Adding the Paper

  1. Cut paper to cover box
  2. Ink the edges of the paper
  3. Glue paper in place, cut the paper out of the window
  4. On the inside of the box, tape a piece of vellum to fill the window.

Step 4: Adding the Details

  1. I used chipboard bricks, cottage window and bird on a swing from Gina's Designs Laser Cuts.
  2. On the bricks, I painted them with gesso. When the gesso dried, I inked them with Distress ink.
  3. The window was finished the same way as the bricks.
  4. For the bird, I colored it with brown distress ink. I wanted it dark so I added a second coat of ink.
  5. On the inside of the box, attach the bird to the vellum.
  6. Turn over and add the cottage window to the box.
  7. Glue on the bricks here and there.

Step 5: Time to Put the Box Back Together

  1. Glue side seam back in place.
  2. Close up bottom of the box. Don't glue together, you will want to open the bottom later so you can add a tea light.

Step 6: Add the Ribbon to Make a Hanger

  1. Tie a knot to a loop of ribbon.
  2. Glue or tape to inside of box.
  3. In the first photo you will see a red tab. Use the tab to glue two of the roof sides together.
  4. When you bring the last side up, make sure the ribbon is on the out side of the box.
  5. I tacked the last piece of the roof with hot glue.

Step 7: Adding a Little More to the Outside

  1. I decided to add a little lace around the top.
  2. I finished it off with a bow at the top.

Step 8: Add a Tea Light

  1. Open the bottom of the box so you can add a battery operated tea light to the inside. The bird will show through the vellum.
  2. Happy Crafting!!!

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