Introduction: Witch Photo Stand

  1. Happy Halloween! This project can be made for any Holiday or Theme!

Step 1: Finishing the Legs and Boots

I started with this really cute chipboard set from Gina's Designs.

  1. I glued the legs to a striped Halloween paper
  2. I did not cover the boots.
  3. Cut out the legs.
  4. Paint the boots with Black paint or a sharpie marker.

Step 2: Cover the Hat

  1. Glue hat to paper.
  2. Paint the edges of the hat with silver paint.

Step 3: Dry Emboss

  1. I used an embossing plate on the Cauldron.
  2. I used black craft paint to color it.

Step 4: Paint

  1. Paint the back of all the pieces black.
  2. Paint the clothspin black.

Step 5: Add the Silver Paint

  1. Use silver paint to bring out the embossed pattern on the cauldron.
  2. Out line the boots with the silver paint .

Step 6: Time to Assemble

  1. Now that you have all of your pieces done, its time to glue them to the clothespin.
  2. I used quick dry glue.
  3. Start with the cauldron
  4. Glue to the bottom of the pin, in the center (the part you squeeze)
  5. Glue on the legs to the back of the cauldron.
  6. Glue the hat off to the side.

Step 7: All Done!

I used 2 sets of the chip board pieces. One for each side. This makes it more sturdy. You need to use chip board not paper. Paper is not sturdy enough.

Hope you give this a try!



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