Holiday Gift Card Holder

Introduction: Holiday Gift Card Holder

This is a great way to recycle and it makes an awesome Holiday Teacher gift!

Step 1: Prep the Coffee Sleeve

  1. Save your coffee sleeves!
  2. Open the coffee sleeve and paint or stain all of the edges and folds.

Step 2: Pick Out the Paper You Want to Use

  1. Choose the paper, I like to use two different designs or colors.
  2. Make the template. Cut one of the Coffee Sleeves apart into one back and two sides. Once cut apart, I trim a little off. I do this on all sides. It will give me a border for the coffee sleeve to show. Now its time to trace the patterns onto the paper and cut out. If you are an inker like me, I ink all off the paper edges now.
  3. Glue your cut out and inked paper to the sleeve.
  4. Don't for get to glue on the back piece.
  5. Any kind of glue will work,or double side tape.
  6. I stained a chipboard gingerbread boy from Gina's Designs brown. Once the stain was dry, I painted the edges with a little white gesso. I used my finger to add the gesso.
  7. Glue the Gingerbread boy to the front of the coffee sleeve.
  8. I painted the vest blue and inked the edges. The vest came with the Gingerbread boy.
  9. At this point the project is done! Just add a few buttons to the vest.

Step 3: Adding the Goodies Inside

  1. I'm using my coffee sleeve for Teacher Gifts. They would also make a great stocking stuffier!
  2. I added a Candy cane, Hot chocolate pack and a paper straw.

Step 4: Wrap It Up!

  1. Put it in a clear bag, add a tag and a bow .
  2. I plan on adding a coffee gift card. Thank you!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really great idea. I love receiving homemade stuff like this. It's simple, but it means so much. Very cool!