Introduction: Teach Your Lovebird to Speak

Lovebirds are very interesting parrots to have as a pet. They are brilliant, and they learn very fast. They have a strong ability to speak, but it is a long process.

Step 1: Where to Place the Cage

In the first step, put the cage where everybody at home is spending the most time in the day. Lovebirds are good at repeat words, so if they hear more, they learn more and fast. Nevertheless, please do not put the cage in the kitchen because it is not healthy for them to smell all the flavors and unhealthy gas in the kitchen.

Step 2: Build the Trust

Having a strong relationship with these little beauties is essential in this process. Every day for a few minutes, take him/her to a private place to have some private time to create more trust. Another important thing, which is not very fair for these little parrots, is they need to be alone, or they are probably not going to talk, it is easier to teach them if they do not have any friends except humans. Please keep them alone just when it is possible to spend a lot of time with them every day.

Step 3: How to Talk to a Lovebird

Now it is time to learn how to speak with these little parrots; it is essential to pay attention to how to bring the words out; words must be so lovely in peach and voice. They are like babies, and they need full attention and a calm environment. Never yell at them, or they will never be a good friend. Stay very close to them while talking and bring the words out slowly, it is a good sign if they are keeping their eyes wide open in that moment or they are trying to get closer.

Step 4: Never Force Them to Speak

At the end the process can take a long time that can happen only with the patient, please do not put any pressure on these lovely little parrots, they are emotionally sensitive, and they can get depression in a bad environment. They are adorable and entertaining, even if they do not talk. Never force them to do what they do not like to do.