Introduction: Tealight Candle Holder From Scrap Wood.....

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Like every woodworker or creative person you have always pieces of left overs in your shop.

You won't throw them away because.....

You always can make something out of it.

And that's what I did.

You wanna know how I made it?

Just stick around ..........

Step 1: What You Need....

1. Left over pieces of different kind of wood.

2. A shopsaw. But you also can use a hand saw

3. Fornster bit size 40mm

4. Wood glue

5. Rubber bands

6. Sandpaper

7. Disksander

8. Tea light

9. Some mineral oil

Step 2: Lets Make It.

1. Cut the left overs in square pieces in the size you like.

2. Sand the edges

3. You need to find out in what order you wanna glue the pieces of wood together.

4. Use rubber band to clamp and old everything together.

Step 3: Lets Move On.... and Finish It.

6. Sand the sides on a disksander to the blok is square

7. Measure the middle of the block to drill a hole with the fornster bit

8. Give it a nice look with minerall oil

9. Put the candle in and your done...

Hope you injoy this....

For the hole instruction you can watch my video.