Introduction: Team Free Will Cosplay From Supernatural

Team Free Will has inspired many people. This was made by the popular TV show "Supernatural" who helped many people. I wanted to pay omage to them by making low budget cosplays of the original Team Free Will.

Step 1: Things You'll Need for Castiel

I decided to start with the angel Castiel. For his clothes you'll need:
1. White dress shirt
2. Black dress pants
3. Black dress jacket
4. Khaki trenchcoat
5. Dress shoes
6. Black Tie
7. Church boy hair cut
For his signal weapon known as the "angel blade" you'll need:
1. Dollar store toy sai
2. Aluminum foil
3. Clear tape or silver tape
4. Cardboard

Step 2: Angel Blade

Castiel's Angel blade is a standard issue weapon for all angels. To make his weapon follow these steps.
1. Cut the two side prongs.
2. Use cardboard to make a thin triangle.
3. Layer the cardboard until it's as thick as the blade.
4. Cut some aluminum foil to the shape of the blade.
5. Tape them to the blade.
6. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for the other side.
7. Wrap the handle in aluminum foil and tape the ends.

Step 3: Assembly of Castiel

Time to get into character by following the next steps:
1. Put on the suit and the trenchcoat.
2. Hide the angel blade in your right trenchcoat sleeve. (Optional: build a mechanism that drops the angel blade with the flick of the wrist)
3. Look at anyone with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion.
4. Talk with a gruff voice that conveys no emotion.
If anyone makes a reference say, "I don't understand the reference."

Step 4: Things You'll Need for Dean

The reason Castiel betrayed heaven. For his cosplay you'll need:
1. A black T-shirt
2. A plaid shirt
3. A denim jacket
4. Denim jeans
5. Work boots
6. Buzz cut
For his signal weapon the gun you'll need:
1. A toy hand gun
2. Grey spray paint, aluminum foil, or silver tape.
3. White spray paint or white masking tape

Step 5: Dean's Gun

To make the gun:
1. Tape/paint the grip white
2. Cover the rest in silver paint/foil/tape

Step 6: Assembly of Dean

Getting into character:
1. Dress in all the layers without buttoning up the upper body.
2. Keep the gun on the inside your pants with the handle sticking out and hide it with the plaid shirt and jacket. Show it when someone doesn't follow orders.
3. Look at everyone with smugness and bravado. Unless it's Sam doing something dangerous. Then look at him like someone kicked you in the shin.
4. Talk suavely to everyone especially females you find attractive.
If anyone asks where's your necklace say, "Castiel is still looking for God."

Step 7: Things You'll Need for Sam

The brains of the operation. You'll need:
1. Any dark colored T-shirt
2. A plaid shirt
3. A brown leather jacket
4. Denim jeans
5. Work boots
6. Shoulder length hair
He doesn't have a signature weapon so any non automatic toy gun will do. Alternatively carry a laptop around.

Step 8: Assembly of Sam

Time to get into character:
1. Dress in the layers.
2. Look at everyone with a mix of compassion and beging.
3. Talk supportively to everyone.
If you are carrying the laptop around keep looking at it while saying, "So check this out." Give random facts appropriate for the situation.