Introduction: Teapot Mat DIY Projects With Pegs and Caps

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Making teapot mat with pegs

Hi dear followers, tea have an important where in our life so its instruments are important too. Do you want to make your own teapot mat? In this article you will see an easy diy project about teapot mat, budget is too low also, your own cute teapot mat is waiting for you;

Most of us have in our homes teapot mat, coaster We keep. If you want to get their own decoration and construction of this project is for you. Mandal teapot with coaster, paper coaster for more details you can refer to this project.

The project for the construction of the mandala will need a certain amount of wood.

Anchored in the tabs one by one remove. After picking up two pieces together like in the picture from becoming juxtaposed without any latch forming round. And it's sticking to each other by using the adhesive tabs. After completing these operations teapot mat is ready for use. Use good-bye ...

If you'd like to color and beautify teapot mat colors you want.

Making teapot mat with metal caps

Our second teapot mat diy projects is cute and stylish too, its with metal caps, let's check the below;

Cola, fruit juice, such as glass bottles with metal caps is very easy and you can make a stylish teapot mat. It is necessary for the metal caps, some fabric and adhesive. Whether the bottom of the pots and kettles and pots teapot or pitcher under the mat can use as decor.