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This is a step-by-step on how to fold an origami crane. Folding origami is easy for all ages if you follow the step-by-step instructions and we're going to start with the classic origami figure, the crane. All you'll need is a piece of paper and optionally, a pair of scissors. Printer paper or notebook paper will work as we can turn those into the square piece of paper we need.

Step 1: Turning a Rectangle Piece of Paper Into a Square

If you already have square paper, skip to step 6.

Step 2: Fold Diagonally So That the Edges Line Up Together and Form a Right Triangle

Step 3: Flip Over and Fold the Excess Rectangular Strip Across Triangle Edge

Step 4: Unfold Paper

Step 5: Rip or Cut Excess Rectangle Strip by Using the Fold As a Guide

Step 6: Fold in Half Length-wise One Direction, Unfold, Then Fold in Half Length-wise the Other Direction

Step 7: Unfold

Step 8: Collapse Paper Into Shape

Fold the top right corner across the diagonal fold from before down to the bottom left while pushing in the top left and bottom right corners towards the center. It should collapse easily into the form shown.

Step 9: Fold Tip of the Flap As Shown Across So That the Edge Meets the Center Line, Repeat on Left, Unfold Both

Step 10: Carefully Unfold Paper Upwards

Carefully lift the paper up and start folding it upwards towards the top. The fold line is going to go across the points where the folds in the previous step met the edge of the paper. The points at the top left and top right edges of the square.

Step 11: Flip Over Then Repeat Steps 9 and 10

Step 12: Fold Flap So That the Edge Meets Up With the Center Line, Repeat on Right Side

Step 13: Repeat Step 12 on Back Side

Step 14: Carefully Fold One Bottom Tip Upwards Into Itself

This step does not have a designated fold line so everyone's crane is going to be slightly different at this point. Spread the left side flaps out flatter so you can start folding the tip up. As the tip starts creasing in on itself, start pushing the left side back together. Once in a slightly diagonal placement, press flat.

Step 15: Repeat on the Other Side

Step 16: Make the Head

Spread out the right side tip a bit, similar to the fold in step 14. Start folding a piece of the tip downwards and crease flat when in the desired position.

Step 17: Crane Complete

Step 18: OPTIONAL: Spread Out the Body

This is an optional step that is a bit more advanced. Lightly pull on the wings to start spreading out the body. Gently press down on the middle to flatten out the tip. Keep flattening it out slowly until the desired shape is reached.