Introduction: Teeny Tiny TP Keychain

Make a tiny toilet paper to keep on your keys or cell phone.

Though it isn’t useful for bathroom emergencies it is a great reminder to get some TP while you’re out (if you can find any)!


-Foam Mat
-Leather finger guards (optional but recommended)
-Keychain loop and metal wire
-Tacky Glue (not used for my keychain but you can use it if you don’t want your toilet paper to move on the keychain)
-Wool Roving (as much or little as you would like. Less is more if you want it teeny tiny)
-Pliers (not shown)

Step 1: Preparing the Wool

Pull the wool roving apart to make it more fluffy.

Step 2: Shaping

Roll up the wool roving into the shape of a cylinder. It will be smaller once it is finished.

Step 3: Felting

Using the finger guards for protection, hold the wool while poking it continuously. Move the wool around to get every side.

You will know you are finished when the roll is firm yet still squishable (just like a real roll of TP)

Step 4: Details

Take more wool roving (a lot less this time; see photos). Shape into a rectangle shape. Poke multiple times. Keep one side un-felted so there is roving that can be used to attach the sheet to the roll.
Keep flat and flip over a few times.

Using the gloves hold the sheet of toilet paper felt between your thumb and finger. Poke in any extra stray fibers. Be sure it still keeps a rectangular shape.

Step 5: Joining the Roll and Sheet

Place the sheet on top of the roll. You will be felting the unfelted pieces of the sheet onto the roll.

Poke multiple times to join the two pieces.

Step 6: Final Step

Use the needle to poke through the roll. This will make a hole for the keychain to be attached. Wiggle the needle around some to make the hole bigger.

Pull out the needle and insert the metal wire. Use pliers to bend a loop onto the other side. You can glue the ends for extra protection. Clip the keychain onto the wire and you’re finished!

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