Introduction: Tenebrism Portrait

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Tenebrism was a technique in painting during Baroque period.
Caravaggio was a famous Baroque artist who used a vivid technique on lighting. Shadowing in the Tenebrism portrait means drawing a contrast between dark and light. In this drawing, make the shadow as if the person is in the dark room and there is a flashlight to illuminate the sketch.




Pencil HB and 2B


Cotton ball

Step 1: Eyes and Eyebrows

First, draw the eyes. The shapes are like football ball. Add eyelid on both eyes. Draw the eyeballs, too. Because the face should be looking to the right sides, draw the eyeballs focused on the right side.

Add eyebrows for both of the eyes.

Step 2: Face

Draw the face. It depends on your choice. If you like the face thin, make the face thinly. Or if you like the face chubby, you can make that way, too.

Step 3: Mouth

Draw the mouth to the face. Make it symmetrically.

Step 4: Nose

When drawing the nose, begin drawing at the corner of the eyes.

Step 5: Cloth

Add some drawing for cloth. Because the portrait only focus on face, you do not have to draw cloth too detail.

Step 6: Hair

Add hair to the drawing. Again, it is up to you. Decide whether you want to draw man or woman. If you want to draw a woman, make the hair long and if you want to draw a man, make it short.

Step 7: Shadowing Under the Eyes and Lip

Next step is drawing the shadow. First, draw the shadow under the eyes and lip thinly.

Step 8: More Shadowing on the Face

Next, draw more shadows on the face (see the picture). To make the shadow evenly, use cotton balls to scrub the drawing.

Step 9: Background Shadowing

For finishing, draw deep shadow near the face and every corner of the paper.

Step 10: Final Result

Here is the result of tenebrism drawing.

I hope you enjoy it.

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