Introduction: Tenis Ball Hanger

Using a tennis ball, you can hang small stuff such as keys, towels, earbuds, and more.

Step 1: Materials

the materials you will need are

Tennis ball

Xacto knife

Suction cup

Suction cup hook

Step 2: Making the Hanger

using the xacto knife, cut a long line on the tennis ball until the whole rubber is exposed

Step 3: Making the Attachment

flip to the opposite side of the long cut and make a shorter cut with the xacto knife

Step 4: Attaching the Suction Cup

using the hook, carefully place the hook inside the small cut and make any adjustments to better improve the stablility

Step 5: Hang Anthing You Want

you are now complete making the tennis ball hanger. Go ahead and place it on a smooth flat surface and hang what you need to hang