Introduction: Tennis Ball Pig

You'll need:

1 x Tennis Ball

1 x, maybe 2, pink balloons

2 x googly eyes

1 x pink pipe cleaner

2 x small pieces of pink felt for ears

Step 1: Prepare the Tennis Ball

Take off a slice off the ball. It needs a flat spot to stop rolling.

Step 2: Cut Balloon As Shown

Take a regular size balloon - this one is 25"diameter

Step 3: Stretch Balloon Over the Ball

I needed two to hide the ball colour. Don't worry about being tidy underneath, it won't show

Step 4: Make the Snout

Taking the left over neck of the balloon, trim it short then twist it a little and stick to the ball

Step 5: Ears

We had these pre-cut crescent shapes lying around which made for perfect for ears

Step 6: Pierce a Hole for the Tail

I found a skewer worked best

Step 7: Wind a Curly Tail From the Pipe Cleaner and Stick in the Hole You Just Made

and stick on the eyes

Step 8: Finally Pose With Your Creation