Introduction: Tensegrity Man

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This 3d printed tensegrity figure was inspired by Floating Table Top and LED Reindeer Tea Light Holder.

This is sturdier than the cardboard version and it has a "see through" top.


3d printed parts


fishing line

small bolt


Step 1:

3d print the base, top and weight.

Print the base and top at 130% of original size (10% fill, supports).

Print the weight at actual size, 10% fill.

Step 2:

Paint the elf. Create an elf hat using felt.

Insert a small bolt through the holes in the elf's hands.

Print the Reindeer (link in step 1) and paint them. Add garland to the tea light holders.

Tie fishing line around the bolt and through the hole in the arm of the top piece.

Tie fishing line through the holes behind the elf.

Step 3:

Because the reindeer are not symmetrical (their heads are heavier than their tails), it is necessary to add the weight to the top (taped on) to counterbalance the "heavy" reindeer heads (6 grams).

Step 4:

Tie the fishing line to the holes in the front of the assembly.

Add the reindeer tea lights and the floating assembly is complete!

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