Introduction: Tent Stake Marker

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Prevent midnight tripping hazards over your tent on your next camping trip by showing where your tent guy wires are with illuminated Mike's Hard Lemonade tent stake markers.

This simple hack uses light diffusion inside the bottle to create a soft glow that alerts late-night walkers to where you've staked your tent. This camping hack can be done in seconds and you probably have all the components at your campsite already.

Here's how you make your own tent stake markers to light up your late night party.

Step 1: Grab Some Mike's + Supplies

Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles

Life Gear LED glow sticks fit perfectly inside the clear bottles

Salt or sugar

Step 2: Consume Beverage, Fill With Salt

After finishing a refreshing Mike's Lemonade rinse bottle to coat entire inside with water, you'll need the entire bottle to have a wet interior for the salt to stick to. Empty bottle of any pooled water.

Step 3: Salt Bottle (while Still Wet)

Next, pour a generous amount of salt inside the bottle and shake to distribute the salt evenly inside. The salt should have stuck to the inside of the bottle. Add more salt and shake again if there's any bare spots.

Continue making salted bottles for every LED glow stick you have.

Step 4: Add LED Glow Stick

These Life Gear LED glow sticks fit perfectly inside Mike's, and the handle rests neatly on the lip of the bottle.

When it gets dark twist on the glow stick and insert inside the salted bottle.

Step 5: Light Diffusion Comparision

By adding salt or sugar to the bottle you are spreading the light and creating a soft and even light glow. The LED glow sticks already have a diffuse filter on the wand, but adding another layer inside the bottle creates a pleasant and moody glow to your campsite.

Step 6: Place Markers

All that's left is to place the markers around your tents to mark out where the stakes are located. No more tripping hazards!

Now you can keep that campfire party going all night long.

Step 7: Bonus: Pathway Lights

Not going camping? A bonus for these bottle lights might be to line your pathway, guiding you along your walk. Perfect for that late night picnic.