Introduction: Tentacle Infrastructure

Hello:) Today I will show you how to sew some spooky season tentacles!!! These tentacles can be used for a fun mer-person costume, or be used as a spooky accent to your home!


-Sewing Machine

-Fabric Glue

-3 spools of 72” x 60” satin, the color of your choice -Pillow stuffing


Step 1: Step 1: Format for the Tentacles

1. Choose one of the satin stools to be the topmost layer of the tentacle arm, separate color for the bottom, and a third for the suckers that will be attached to the bottom-most layer.

-In this example, teal has been selected to be the topmost layer, lilac for the bottom, and orange for the suckers.

2. Lay out the satin for layer one (topmost layer) horizontally, and draw a long triangle from the bottom to the top. Repeat this process until the satin sheet has roughly 5-7 triangles (the number of triangles will be reflective of the number of tentacle arms you make, so truly this is up to you.)

*Keep the triangles narrow, with a base maxing at 6”-7”.

*It is okay for the triangles to vary in size and shape- this makes for more natural variations that will add to a nice grotesque look.

-In this example, teal has been selected to be the topmost layer, lilac for the bottom, and orange for the suckers.

3. Pair one of your triangles for layer one with a triangle from layer two. Do this so that every triangle has a pair.

Step 2: Step 2: Sewing the Tentacle

4. Adjust your sewing machine so that it's ready to sew.

*Your thread color shouldn’t matter, because you will be inverting the tentacle so that the stitches are hidden.

5. With a pair of tentacle triangles (layers 1 and 2) layer your satin cuts on top of each other so that layer 2 is on top. Make sure that the smooth sides of the satin from each layer are touching.

6. Begin to sew the edges of the layers together, from the tip of the triangle to the base.

*Reverse your thread once you get to the bottom, or tie the ends and thread from the top to the bottom one last time so that you will have two stitches per side (makes your tentacle stronger).

7. Repeat Step 7 for the opposite side.

*You will notice the edges may not be aligned for this side, considering layer one should be wider than layer two. It helps to flip your tentacle arm over so that layer one is now on the top, and align the edge as you stitch down.

8. Once you have stitched your layers together, make sure the top base stays open. Use this opening to invert the tentacle so that the shiny side of the satin fabric is now facing out.

9. Stuff your tentacle with pillow fluff (or any other available material used for stuffing). *TIP: Lint makes a great stuffing!

10. Stitch the end of your tentacles closed.

Step 3: Step 3: Sucker Time!

11.Cut dozens of small ovals out of your third satin stool, roughly 1.5”x 1”.

*Cutting as you go may be helpful- the number of suckers and spacing to which you will apply them to the tentacle is up to your discretion.

12. Use your fabric glue to attach part of the circle near the edge of the inner side of your tentacle (layer two). Continue to full the fabric circle so that a circular shape begins to form, glue as you go.

*You will notice a lump of access fabric form as you mold your circle, this is what will bring dimension to your tentacles.

13. Fold over the access fabric and glue down to complete the circular shape.

14. Repeat until the full tentacle’s underside (layer 2) is covered in suckers.

15. Do this for every tentacle.

Step 4: Congratulations!

Your tentacles are now complete! You can use these tentacles as a costume for a siren or mer-person, by attaching to the back of your pant belt loops or hooking into a tight shirt. Or, use your tentacles for a fun, spooky accent to your local rocking chair or hidden in a spooky corner of your home.

Thanks for joining me, happy spooky season :)

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