Introduction: Tentacles Spinner

This spinner incorporates pivoting joints into a single print. The arms flop around and are addictive to fidget with even without spinning. When it spins, the weighted hex nuts straighten out the arms which gives the spinner amazing balance.

Items you will need:
+ (1x) Printed tentacles_asm.stl
+ (2x) Printed capsolid.stl
+ (1x) 608 skateboard or fidget spinner bearing
+ (3x) 3/8-16 Hex Nut

+ Pliers
+ Channel locks or a bench vice may also be helpful

Step 1: 3D Printing

Print one (1) Tentacles_asm.stl along with two (2) capsolid.stl.

Note: The tentacles_asm.stl is made up of multiple links, but will print fully assembled in a single print.

Step 2: Bearing Assembly

Assemble the 608 bearing into the tentacle spinner center hole. The bearing can be assembled with only a pliers, but I found it is helpful to use a bench vice or channel-locks to press the bearing in place. It may also be helpful to put a washer between the vice jaw and the bearing to avoid any damage to the bearing.

Step 3: Hex Nut Assembly

Assemble a hex nut onto each tentacle. The nuts can be assembled with only a pliers, but I found it easiest to hold the end of the arm with a pair of pliers and rotate the nut with 9/16 wrench.

Step 4: Thumb Cap Assembly

Assemble two thumb caps around the bearing. The thumb caps are symmetric and the fingers should interlock inside the bearing.

Step 5: Spin & Fidget

Spin, spin, spin, and fidget with the addictive floppy tentacles.