Introduction: Terminator Endoskeleton Action Figure

Hi everyone!! what you see here is a Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton homemade action figure made out of things you find in pretty much all homes. This is really easy to make, it just takes about 1hour or so to actually make this. If you like terminator, making things, and action figure you are gonna really like this. Now let's talk about this figure.....this is completely posable so you can articulate this in whichever way you want. It's really durable so even kids can play with it. It stands about 8 inches tall. As I said you can make it with things you find at home. So for this you will need:

  • A thin marker.
  • Bendy wire (around 1m).
  • Marker cap x6.
  • Clothespin x2.
  • A manual razor.
  • A bendy pipe.
  • Plastic bottle cap.
  • A tiny amount of cardboard.
  • Acrylic spray paint(silver).
  • Super glue.
  • Tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Red, black, white acrylic paints.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Some aluminum foil.

Enjoy making it. Please don't forget to VOTE MY PROJECT in the toys and games challenge and Fandom contest too:)

Step 1: the Shoulders.

Take a thin marker, and cut about 2 inches of it, this will be the shoulder. Also cut 7 inches of bendy wire and insert it through the shoulder and super glue this ( you can also use a glue gun).

Step 2: The Arms.

For making the arms i,e the biceps and forearms make a hole large enough for the bendy wire to fit through on two of the marker caps. Insert the wire that already went through the shoulders and pass it through the caps and tightly glue this. Cover this up by using aluminum foil and wrap it with tape. We are doing this as a lot of details can be sculpted on aluminum foil. Let a bit of wire be left without anything on it for the hands. Repeat the same process for the other arm too.

Step 3: The Spine

For the spine, cut about 2.5 inches of bendy pipe, insert a wire through it and glue this, your spine is ready. Now make a hole large enough for the wire to pass by in the middle of the shoulder. Insert the spine through the hole. Let a bit of wire be left without anything on it for it to be the neck.

Step 4: Pelvis and Legs.

For the pelvis use a plastic bottle cap. Again make a hole large enough for the wire to pass by on the cap. insert the wire of the upper body through this and glue it. The pelvis is ready. Make two more holes at the sides of the cap. Cut 9 inches of wire and pass it through these holes. Take a clothespin, separate the two sides and glue it on the wire. Take two marker caps and make hole on the top for the wire to pass by. Pass the wire through it and glue it. Cover the thighs and calf with aluminum foil and tape. Let a bit of wire be left without anything on top of it for it to become the feet. The legs are ready.

Step 5: The Head

Make a head-like shape with aluminum foil and cover this up in tape.Insert the head onto the neck piece on the main body.

Step 6: Hands and Feet.

Cut the cardboard into feet-like shape and bend the wire in such a way that it forms a hand-like shape and glue both of these on the legs and arms, respectively.

Step 7: The Chest

For the chest we will be using a manual razor. So cut the top part of it and glue it nicely on the figure. The chest is ready.

Step 8: Hydraulics and Other Tiny Details

You can add up external details like hydraulics and other details by using toothpicks and wires. Once you have done this. Spray paint the entire thing in silver.

Step 9: Painting

After it is spray painted mark up the tiny details with a permanent marker. Make two holes in the head for the eyes, paint them up with red paint, paint the teeth and the mouth with black and white paint. Your TERMINATOR ENDOSKELETON ACTION FIGURE is ready!!! Hope you liked this! Please don't forget to vote my project. ENJOY :) .

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