Introduction: Tetris Block Costume

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Do you want an instantly recognisable yet cumbersome and restricting costume? Of course you do, you'd have to me mad not to. This Tetris block costume will be a hit at any party and works well as a single, family or couples costume. I used it for a Halloween couples costume and apart from making bathroom breaks difficult, it was a great success.
This ible doesn't take much skill but it will take some time especially if you need to make more than one block. There's paint involved so I'd paint outside or put down sheets or paper.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Cardboard (a lot of cardboard).
Masking tape .
Paint. Black (or black electrical/ masking tape) and the block colour.
Super glue.

Step 2: Tools

You will need:
A good pair of scissors
A tape measure
Paint brushes
Clothes pegs
A pencil or sharpie

Step 3: Scavenging Time!

Finding cardboard isn't hard, finding the right cardboard for your needs can be. For this project, you want large pieces of corrigated cardboard, with no handle cuts and preferably in simple rectangular shapes.
Great places to look are:
Wholesale food shops
Furniture shops and white goods stores
Recycling shops
The houses of people who have just gone on an ikea binge

Bad places to look:
Greengrocers and smaller shops
Bond villain lairs
The moon.

You want card which hasn't been in direct contact with food, has been stored in a dry place and has some structural integrity.

Step 4: Measuring Up

First thing you want to do is mock up the shape of your block, we picked the 'T' and 'L' blocks as they fit together and don't limit your arms much and they are only three blocks tall. But the 'S' block, square or long block may work too. You also want to think about the orientation, and how this will effect how well you can wear it.

First, measure your shoulder width plus a bit of wiggle room, then times it by three for the height OR measure from shoulder to knee and divide by three (checking this length is wide enough to accommodate the shoulder span).

Step 5: Make a Net for the Costumes

There are 2 ways you can do this:

Option 1.
Mark out each of the faces of the block on your cardboard, if you are limited in cardboard you can do this in multiple sections and tape/glue them together.
Once you mark out the basic shape. add tabs, a few inches wide, to the edges then cut it all out.

Option 2.
An alternative to the tabs is to mark out the faces and cut them all out, then cut strips of cardboard to join the edges together.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Assembly can be tricky, so it helps to have an extra set of hands to help.

First, lay the faces flat and tape the 4 sides together, use masking tape and clothes pegs to hold them in place then glue all the flaps down.
Once the glues set, stand the costume up and repeat for the final edge, you might have to get in the costume to do this. Add the top face last.
finally, cut holes for your head and arms.

Step 7: Add Paint, Lots of Paint.

Paint the block in your prefered colour, the colours have changed from game to game so it's up to you which you pick.
Cover the entire box, it also helps to masking tape the corners for strength and to hide the joints.
You will need to do a few layers of paint, make sure it dries between each layer so the cardboard doesn't get soggy.

finally, to get the black edging on the blocks you can either use paint or black tape.

Step 8: Have a Block Party!

go enjoy your awesome and cumbersome costume in small rooms with lots of people and things to knock over. Have Fun.

p.s. sorry for the lack of pictures, I made this a while ago and didn't have the foresight to record the process.
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