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In this tutorial, You will learn how to Easily build a cool Tetris Hallway decor.

This Tetris Hallway decor is an awesome and unique decoration idea for your hallway, and your guests will definitely admire it and love it! I hope you find this Tetris Hallway decor tutorial easy and helpful and as Always: Enjoy & Subscribe!


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Step 1: Remove the Sides From the Magnetic Board

Use a screwdriver to remove the sides of the magnetic board, we won't be needing them for this project.

Step 2: Resize the Board

Resize the board to 10 x 16 units of your choice ( I chose 1 unit = 2x2cm), this is how the Tetris game board is and this is important if you want the board to look like the original one and the blocks to fit in correctly.

Add 1/2 unit to glue the frame on the board.

so your total measurements should be 10.5 units wide x 16.5 units long!

My measurements were 21cm x 33cm (20+1 wide and 32+1 long)

I was going for a bigger size, but the blocks looked just too big.

Step 3: Make a Cardboard Frame

Create a cardboard frame for the board, like in the photos.

make sure it has an inner rail, so that you can glue the board onto it like you will see in the next steps.

The rail depth should be 0.5 units.

The outer frame width is 1 unit.

The dimensions I used were 35 cm x 2cm for the long ones, and 23cm x 2cm for the short ones and the frame was 5 layers thick.

The cutting angle for the sides is of course 45 degrees.

Step 4: Paint the Board and Frame

Choose any colors you would like to paint the frame and the board.

Although, I would recommend either finishing the board with a protective coat, or gluing thin black cardboard on the board instead of painting it, because some it scratched off..

Step 5: Glue the Frame Onto the Board

Use a glue gun to glue the frame onto the board.Very easy!

Step 6: Make the Tetris Blocks

There are 7 different shapes of blocks in the game:

The square, left gun, right gun, left snake, right snake, T, and I.

All of them are made from 4 units, but as you have noticed, the left gun, right gun, left snake, right snake, are actually 2 symmetrical shapes.

Since in our project,these shapes are physical, you don't have to create 7 shapes, but 5, and flip them over to the other side.

Step 7: Add the Neodyme Magnets

Divide your blocks taking in consideration the symmetrical ones ( the Ls and Ss), ang glue the Neodyme magnets on them.

I used 50 magnets of 8mm diameter x 1mm thick.

Step 8: Hang on Wall

Hang it on the Wall, keep the blocks in a cup on a table near the board, and put one on it every time you pass by the hallway :)!!

You and your friends could also use this as a board game !!

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