Introduction: DIY Working Cardboard Handcuffs

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In this tutorial, You will learn how to Easily build Working Cardboard Handcuffs.

These Handcuffs are inspired from Startrek. in the series, they have Neodyme magnets that allow them to stay closed..I decided to modify the original design by creating and adding a working locking mechanism with a key so that they can be functional handcuffs. I hope you find this Diy Working Cardboard handcuffs tutorial easy and helpful and as Always: Enjoy & Subscribe!

Tools and Materials I use


Dremel Moto saw

Dremel Moto Saw Blades

OLFA 24" x 36" Double-Sided Self-Healing Rotary Mat

TruMed Scalpel

Surebonder PRO8000A Glue Gun, 180-watt

Stainless steel Cork Back Ruler 24' by Studio 71

Bosch 12-Volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit

Bosch 91-Piece Drilling and Driving Mixed Set MS4091

TackLife Hole Saw Kit

TEKTON 65731 Scratch and Punch Awl

Casio MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator

Fiskars 01-004761J Softgrip Scissors Straight Stainless Steel

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Gorilla Super Glue

Elmer's E461 Craftbond Tacky Glue

Gorilla Black Duct Tape

Dremel Gg01 Multipurpose High Temp Glue Sticks

Graph pads

HI-LITER Fluo Markers

My Video shooting Hardware


Velbon VideoMate 538/F Camera Tripod

KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Mount

ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount

Studio lighting Set

White Photo Studio Background

Software I use


OS :Linux Mint

Video Editor :OpenShot

Audio Tracks I Used


Tobu - Colors

Step 1: 01 - Glue Layers to Make Thick Cardboard

In order to make this design sturdy, You will need to use very Thick cardboard, You can make that yourself by Gluing several layers of cardboard together... For this project, the total thickness is 11 Layers ( 4+3+4 as you will see in the next steps).

I have created this design on paper ( didn't use a CAD software) ..I will scan and upload the templates if there will be a demand on them..

Step 2: 02 - Cut the Layers

paste the shapes onto the cardboard using the templates, and cut them using a Dremel Motosaw or equivalent.

You will need a clean cut for this project to work , so I am afraid a scalpel will not do the job..

Like I said, I will scan and upload the templates if there will be a demand on them..

but for informtation, This design belongs to me and may not be used for commercial purposes without my authorization!

Step 3: 03 - Glue the Layers to Form the Sections

Glue the sections together to form the upper and bottom parts of the Handcuffs.

Step 4: 04 - Make and Install the Locking Mechanism

This mechanism is a bit complex to explain in this description, I recommend you either take a look at the photos, or simply watch the video to get a good idea on how it Functions!

As you might notice,It took me a lot of time and trials and errors to shape this mechanism and make it function flawlessly

Step 5: 05 - Glue the Bottom Section

Once done with installing the locking parts, test it out a bit then glue the bottom exterior section onto the handcuffs and You are done!

Step 6: 06 - Test

Congratulations, You are now the Owner of a unique design of handcuffs that you can use as a cool conversation starter with your guests!

Thank you for reading my article, please give my Youtube video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't done so yet, and let me know what you think of this design in the comment section!


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