Introduction: Rainbow Tetris Paper Sculpture

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This is a paper scuplture of the seven pieces on tetris, each one of a rainbow color. (Photo 1)

To make this we will only need 7 sheets of paper; 1 sheet of each color in the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. (Photo 2)

Also, we need a ruler, pencil and scissors as auxiliary tools. (Photo 3)

Step 1: Preparing Sheets

For each tetris piece, we need 42 modules of each color, these with a ratio of 1:2.

The way I will do it, is only using one sheet of each color, (you can make the pieces of any size if you do not mind spending more sheets and making your sculpture bigger, just respect the 1: 2 ratio).

First we have to divide the long side of the sheet into 6 parts: (28/6 = 4.6 centimeters) And mark with a ruler and pencil. (Photo 1)

Now, on the short side of the sheet, we will divide every 2.3 centimeters to have our pieces in a 1: 2 ratio. (Photo 2)

You have to do this with the seven sheets.

Step 2: Cutting Sheets

It is time to cut, you have to cut along the lines we previously marked.

(You can save a little time, if you just mark one sheet and cut with a guillotine or with a paper knife).

We will have all 54 pieces of each color, we only need 42 each color, save the remaining 12 pieces in case we ruin any piece

Ready! Our 294 sheets, 42 each color per color. (and the leftovers) (Photo 1)

Step 3: Folding the Little Sheets

We have to fold all our little sheets with this procedure:

We take two pieces(Photo 1)

We place them like a cross (Photo 2)

We fold these tabs towards the center (Photo 3 and 4)

Turn arround (Photo 5)

And repeat (Photo 6 and 7)

We separate both sheets and this is the result (Photo 8)

And we have to do this with all the little sheets (Photo 9)

Step 4: Assembling Cubes

From the folded little sheets, we will make cubes.

We will take 6 pieces of the same color. (Photo 1)

We will place them in the following way; each sheet is one side of the cube, the folded tabs go outside, when assembling a cube, it should not be disassembled. (Photo 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8)

The cube is complete. (Photo 9)

We need to make 4 cubes of each color and have a total of 28 cubes. (Photo 10)

Step 5: Assembling Figures

First we will arrange the cubes in the form of the tetris pieces. (Photo 1)

To join two cubes, we have to interlace the tabs that they have on each side (Photo 2), then we put one tab of the cube into the other cube (Photo 3) , and we put the free tab in that remaining pocket (Photo 4) and the two cubes are linked (photo 5 and 6), this can be a bit complicated the first time.

You have to link them with the shape of the piece that we had formed before in the first photo,

And finaly the pieces as they should be. (Photo 7)

The shape of the square is especially complicated, since you have to link two sides at the same time.

Step 6: Locking the Pieces

It only remains to secure the pieces and make the sides flat.

For this we will take the little sheets that we have not used, for each side we will use a little sheet and we will insert it in a similar way as we did before. (Photo 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

Let's do this in all the sides of our shapes (Photo 6)

Step 7: Tetris

All the pieces are ready, arrange them as you like.

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