Introduction: Texas Jalapeno Poppers

These are always a standard part of every BBQ my family has here in West Texas and are very easy and quick to make as you fire up the grill.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

We made 24 Jalapeno Poppers with these ingredients

- 12 Jalapenos

- a pack of your favorite bacon

- 8oz pack of cream cheese (we ended up only using around 4oz, more for later!)

- Cheddar Cheese


- A sharp knife

- A spoon

- Toothpicks

- A sink full of water

- Lighter fluid and Charcoal

Step 2: Prepping the Jalapenos

This is probably the only semi-dangerous part depending on what you consider dangerous and how much beer has already been consumed at your BBQ and on that note let's begin! You want to be careful if your like me if you cut these while holding them in your hand, because no one likes getting spicy jalapeno seeds rubbed on a fresh cut.

- Throw your jalapenos in the sink filled with water (deep enough to cut the jalapenos under the water level)

this helps combat any tear inducing fumes from reaching your eyes if you've pick particularly spicy peppers.

- Slice the tops of the jalapenos off and then cut them in half from top to bottom revealing all of the seeds.

- Grab your trusty spoon and scrap the seeds out.

- Repeat until all the jalapenos are processed, set the jalapenos to the side and fish out the insides to throw away from the sink.

- Be sure to wash your hands afterwards before you accidentally touch your eyes and start regretting that life decision through a stream of tears for the next thirty minutes.

Step 3: Filling the Poppers

This step is one of the messiest ones, so if your fancy wear some gloves.

- Grab your trusty spoon and go to town on that block of cream cheese by filling each cavity of the jalapenos one by one.

- Leave some extra space on half of them to add cheddar cheese if you like it like that.

Also this step is one of the shorter ones so go on to the next!

Step 4: Wrapped in a Blanket of Bacon

Set aside your trusty spoon and grab that sharp knife

-Slice the bacon in half

-wrap at least once around each pepper and set on a platter to take out to the grill

-some of the bigger peppers will "need" two slices of bacon to fully cover the cheese

Step 5: Skewer'em!

- Take your box of toothpicks and skewer each pepper at least twice to secure the bacon from unraveling from cooking

(in the pictures I only used one toothpick per pepper and regretted it when I was cooking them later on, learn from my mistakes!)

Now is a great time to clean off the raw bacon and spicy pepper mess that was on the counter!

Step 6: Fire Up and Grill On

Go outside and fire up a grill. We ended up using the apartment grills because I don't own one and I have a friend who lives there.

-Set your charcoal in a pyramid shape, dose it with lighter fluid and let it soak in for a bit

-Ignite it and let the grill heat up for a few minutes (have a soda or adult beverage if you're of age)

- Put all the poppers on a let them cook until the pepper's skin is blistering and a bacon is cooked to your satisfaction while turning them every so often, cook time ~15 minutes depending on how hot your fire is and how close your poppers are to it.

- Take your Texas Jalapeno Poppers off the grill and eat as soon as possible before they are all gone!

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