Introduction: Textile Collage Using Stickers

stickers are a fun way to embellish 2d media, such as notebooks, cards, and collages. stickers can also be utilized in textile collages, but need to be adjusted in order to attach more permanently. by stitching a clear plastic shield around the surface of the stickers, textile collages too can be embellished with stickers.


you will need: clear plastic (shower curtain works well), scissors, thread, sewing needle, sewing pins, and fabric to stitch the stickers on to.

Step 1: Adhere Sticker to Plastic

once you have selected your stickers, adhere one to a small piece of plastic, then place another small piece of plastic on top. you can add pins to the top and bottom edges of the plastic to hold them into place, however i decided to just firmly grip the plastic as i stitched.

Step 2: Thread Needle and Stitch Around Sticker Perimeter

to begin stitching, you will need to thread your sewing needle by sticking the thread through the eye of the needle. I then doubled up the string and secured both the loose ends at the opposite end of the needle with a thick knot. I stitched close to the edge of the sticker with a simple basting stitch, which consists of stitching a small straight line on both the front and back sides of the plastic, alternating which side of the fabric i penetrate at the end of the stitch. once i had stitched around the entirety of the sticker, i secured my stitches with another knot, close to the surface of the plastic so they wont loosen.

Step 3: Cut Excess Plastic

once you have secured your stitches, cut the excess plastic surrounding the perimeter of the sticker, careful not to cut any of the stitches you just made. now the sticker is free and ready to be attached to your textile.

Step 4: Secure Sticker Using Sewing Pin to Textile

locate a textile or garment that you wish to adhere your sticker to. use a sewing pin to secure the sticker to the area in which you wish to attach the embellishment, and proceed to rethread your needle, secure the loose ends with a knot, stitch around the sticker perimeter once again using a basting stitch, and secure your stitches at the end using a knot placed closely to the surface of your textile.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Protected Sticker Embellishment

now your sticker is properly adhered to your fabric and should last quite long! repeat these steps for as many stickers as you would like to adhere to a textile collage.