Introduction: TfCD Phone Hologram Projector

Welcome to the DIY I created for one of my courses at the TU Delft!

For this DIY project I will guide you through the simple steps to create your very own smartphone hologram projector! With this projector you can make hologram videos come to life and have a 3D experience right from your smartphone.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Getting the Right Materials

In order to complete this DIY project you will need the following, as shown in the image:

  1. Glue
  2. Knife (make sure it's sharp!)
  3. Ruler
  4. Smartphone
  5. Template for the sections you are going to cut
  6. 2 CD Cases (1 should be enough, but you never know!)

The template is used as an underlay so you can easily cut out the required sections for your projector. Make sure you measure everything correctly like the dimensions above show! You can make it slightly bigger, but for the best results try to stick to the given measurements!

Step 2: Cutting Shapes

Your projector is very simply made up of 4 trapezoid like shapes. In order to get these shapes, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Grab one of your cd cases.
  2. Cut out your underlay and place it under the transparent part of the CD Case.
  3. Grab your knife
  4. Start cutting in the transparent plastic based on the underlay
  5. The plastic is pretty tough so you are going to have to go over your lines until you cut through them

The next step will show you what you should end up with!

Step 3: First Shapes

Now that you have made your cuts you should have two shapes like the images shows above.

Repeat the previous step to obtain 4 shapes that are completely the same.

Tip: If the edges are a little bit scruffy, scrape your knife along the edges to smooth them out. This will make them stick easier to each other once you start gluing.

Step 4: 4 Identical Trapezoids

Now that you have repeated step 2 you should have 4 identical shapes that look like the image shown above. Smooth out the edges with your knife so there isn't any extra material left on the edges and they fit together smoothly!

Step 5: Gluing the Sides

Now that you have obtained the 4 shapes required to assemble the projector follow these steps to complete your projector:

  1. Make sure that the long edge is facing the table
  2. Grab your glue
  3. Be careful using the glue, you only need a little bit and it tends to go everywhere so don't use too much and make sure you keep your fingers clean (you'll thank me later ;))
  4. Put some glue on one of the diagonal edges
  5. Firmly press the second trapezoid against the glued edge as shown in the image above
  6. Repeat this until all 4 trapezoids are glued against each other creating a small and large square looking at them from above
  7. Let it sit and dry for a little bit!

Tip: Slide a piece of paper underneath your projector when using glue so you don't get any glue on surfaces you wouldn't want it on! It can be a bit messy...

Step 6: Final Touch Up

Now that you have glued all 4 trapezoids together you might feel that it could be a little bit flimsy. Don't stress, just add another small layer of glue on the edges and let it dry for a little bit! This will reinforce the structure and should be enough to have a stable projector!

Tip: Slide a piece of paper underneath your projector when using glue so you don't get any glue on surfaces you wouldn't want it on! It can be a bit messy...

Step 7: Finding a Video

Now that you have successfully assembled your projector (Well done!) It is time to find a video that allows you to create a hologram!

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Type in: "Hologram Video"
  3. You can scroll through the videos to find something that catches your eye
  4. Select it!

Tip: Select any video at first if you can't wait to see if your projector works, thereafter browse for videos you think are interesting!

Step 8: Setting Up Your Phone

Now that you have found a video you are ready for the last step!

  1. Tilt your phone so the video is viewed in full-screen
  2. The video will show an X like in the image above
  3. Place your projector on top of your screen with the small square facing down
  4. Align the edges of the projector with the X shown on your screen

Tip: Pause your video on the X so you can align it properly, thereafter press play again

Step 9: ENJOY!!

Now your projector has been all setup and you are ready to enjoy your hologram projection right from your phone! Did yours turn out as good or better than mine? Watch the videos:

To get the best image quality, turn the brightness of your phone all the way up and try and find a space where it is as dark as possible so you can see the hologram as clear as possible!

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY hologram projector tutorial! Let me know if there is anything you would change and send me your results!!