Introduction: Thanksgiving Tree DIY (with Video)

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Want some fall or Thanksgiving decor that has meaning too? Our youngest son Benny will take you through the steps on how to make this special Thanksgiving tree.

Once you're finished everyone can take turns writing what they are thankful for and adding it to the branches.

Feel free to watch the full video or skip to 5:28 in the video to jump right into the craft with Benny!


Pine cones

Mason Jar

Colourful Paper or construction paper

Rope or Twine

Battery Operated string Lights


Fake leaves if branches are bare *optional

Hole punch


Something to make circles with

Pen, pencil or marker

Step 1: Start With the Lights

Start by putting the first portion of the string lights into your mason jar.

Step 2: Pinecones!

Start adding pine cones into the mason jar with the lights. Try to evenly distribute the lights and pinecones through the jar.

Step 3: Branches, Branches and More Branches!

Now it's time to add your branches to the mason jar. Add as many or as little as you want. You may need to trim them a bit more to your desired height.

Step 4: Make It Extra Pretty!

Time to make it extra pretty! Cut some rope and tie it around the neck of the mason jar. Also, add some of the fake leaves to the branches if you would like to dress it up a little bit.

Step 5: Make Circles!

Time to make circles. Pick some colours from your construction or coloured paper. Trace circles on the paper and cut them out. You'll also need to punch a hole into each circle with your hole punch and tie a piece of rope through the hole. This will allow you to hang your circles on the tree later.

*We cut out a circle for every member of our family who would be joining us on Thanksgiving.

Step 6: What Are You Thankful For?

Finally, you can now write what you are thankful for on your circle and hang it on a branch. Ask your friends or family to write on a circle too!

Step 7: Watch Our Video

If you would like you can watch our video instead to see our youngest son give step by step instructions on how to make your own Thanksgiving Tree! Skip to 5:28 in the video or check out our full video.

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