Introduction: Thanksgiving Turkey

These turkeys are the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving!

Step 1: Choose Parts

Choose the parts that you want. You need one head, one set of eyes on the head, one base, the sides, one set of beaks (they are grouped in pairs, you need one pair) and one tail. You are obviously not restricted to just the pieces available, you can cut all of them out and more (you have the power to create).

The Snood (red thing) is also something you will need and that can be made out of cardboard then colored or I used red acrylic plastic.

Step 2: Cut

After you have selected pieces, you will need to cut them out. If you have access to a laser, I suggest using it. If not, you can print off templates and cut along the lines to put it together. You will need a material that is 3/16" thick. I used corrugated cardboard. Then the snood is red acrylic plastic.

Step 3: Put It Together

It has been cut out but that doesn't make it a turkey. You need to put it together!

Start with the head, then put the sides on, then the tail. Once that is done, place it onto the base. Put the beak into the face, then the snood into the beak.

Step 4: Use It

Throw it in the center of your table for all to see. You can put nuts in it! Really, you can put whatever you want in it. While I was designing it, I put old pieces in it.

Step 5: OPTIONAL - Whiteboard

For this project, I added a whiteboard to the front for whatever messages you want. I 3D printed little plastic holders and laid the board in front.

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