Introduction: The $1 Fidget Spinner

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I have friends who bought their spinners for $20 or $15. That to me is too much. When I looked closer at my friends' spinners, I saw that they were very simple. Most were 3D printed, but I don't have one yet. Large scale printer coming, though!? I thought that I could make a spinner from barely anything that cost next to nothing.

Step 1: Gather Materials

There are six components to the spinner. Yes, six. I had these lying around, but if you want to buy them, it will cost around $4-5.


TIES---Any hardware store, or here- This is where you get the ties so you can give them out as Christmas presents for 10 years!

You will need 3 zip ties, one at least six inches in length. You will also need two smaller zip ties, around two or three inches. Along with the ties, you will need three bearings. I got mine from some old roller blade wheels, but any bearing will do fine. The ones I used were ABEC-5 bearings. The bearings were a bit slow, so I greased them up and now they spin great!

Step 2: Assembly

Line up the bearings in a row horizontally or vertically, whatever works for you. Then, wrap the long zip tie around the bearings and cinch it closed. Make sure that the bearings are all still in a line after the cinch. Be careful that the tie is as tight as it can go, and that the bearings are in a line. After that, take a smaller zip tie and wrap it around the spot in between the bearings. Cinch that one tight until the bearings won't move around. Then use the last zip tie to closes the other spot between bearings.

Step 3: Decoration

This last step is optional, but is fun and looks cool. I added spray paint to the spinner, but glitter, marker, or other paint works well too. To paint the spinner, you need to tape the moving parts of the bearing. I did this by laying painter's tape on the top and bottom of the spinner, and the cutting the excess off with an exact knife. Then, I just sprayed the spinner with a few coats of spray paint. I chose lime green because it looked great.