Introduction: The Alamo

The Alamo is an important piece of American history. I wanted to recreate this beautiful monument in Tinkercad as a 3D model.


Wall 3D, round roof, box, scribble, cylinder, and voronoi.

All are shapes in Tinkercad.

Step 1: Building the Walls

A Building always needs walls. To make these walls you must click on basic shapes and choose "All" in SHAPE GENERATORS. There will be many shapes so choose Wall 3D on page one and put one each on 4 sides. Size depends on how small or big you want yours to be.

Step 2: Making Roof Part One

Use wall 3D again to make the roof. Place it on top of the 4 walls. There also must be at least 4 layers.

Step 3: Making the Roof Part 2

In basic shapes you must get out scribble and draw the outline of the top of the Alamo. Color over it like in the picture. When you're done creating the shape in the scribble, turn it into a hole and cut the roof with it.

PS: The arrow is the cursor. DO NOT draw it in the scribble.

Step 4: Shaping the Roof

After you place the outline of the roof on the alamo and cut it, this is what the alamo should look like. Then you can change the color to white.

Step 5: Add Details

You are done with the shape and color, now you must add the details. First add the door by placing a tall and brown round roof at the bottom middle of the Alamo and place a little roof over it. Then put small brown and vertical rectangular boxes on the bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, and top middle of the Alamo. Both shapes are in the basic shapes category. Then for the ground outside the Alamo go to the featured category in shape generators and choose voronoi in the first page. Then highlight the whole Alamo and lift it one mm higher. Then make the voronoi 1 mm tall and length and width 200 mm. Then align the voronoi with the workplane. Now the Alamo is finished.

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