Introduction: The All Hallows Eve Spirit Detector.

Ahhhh, tis time yet once more for ghouls and ghosts. Behold the season doth fall upon us and yet once more we come to All Hallows Eve. Come my children of the night, Ye denizens of the dark. You who seek the macabre and mystery.
                                                        I will bestow to you the gift of the SPIRIT DETECTOR!!!!

Step 1: Behold the Homunculus Skull

The mystery lies within the skull. you must procure a Homunculus skull. I refer to you in this age of electrical wizardry and molecular magic to this tome of electronic information. and The worlds global sum of knowledge . Become versed youin the Alchemical ways and grow a homunculus. Slay it and clean it's skull. For this is the first step to which we embark.

     I am to lazy for this so I went to walmart and bought one of these cheap Chinese homunculus skulls. it was in the halloween section and I got it for like a dollar. At first the witch behind the counter seemed a little flaky and the product was kind of thin but she assured me it was pure homunculus and would work for the project I had in mind.

So a total list of parts would be,
Skull from walmart, mine is a little one not much bigger that the stuff put in it. 
A magnetic reed switch from Digikey. You can find these on amazon cheaper though.
A 2032 coin battery
Some wire
A little gorilla tape
A cell phone pager motor. I ripped mine out af old cell phone because I thought that is where they hatch and make that evil little buzzing noise, and I was right it was in there. but you can buy these also
A magnet, anyone works but stronger is better.]

Step 2: Time to Make the MAGIC!!!

Firstly I took my athame and cut into the soft underside of the skull. i have procured for myself an good athame from a manufacturer named Exacto. Make your cuts tidy and neat for you shall replace this piece later

As a side note the creator of this homunculus skull is a wizard of exceptional skill. the bone was soft and pliable unlike most bone. i think this person must have worked with the head shrinkers. The head shrinkers boil their bones in vinegar allowing them to become rubbery, so I figured they took a note and did something similar. In aany case it was clean and hollow and easy to cut. :)

Step 3: And Then.........!

Ok so here I soldered the circuit. for those of you who know little or nothing about electronics. It's reall simple it's a batter soldered to a reed switch, soldered to a pager motor in series. You don't even have to worry about polarity because this is one of the simplest circuits you can get. the only thing novel about this one is the reed switch, all this is, is two very thin pieces of metal in a glass tube that when you place a magnet to it closes the gap and connects the circuit. In other words it's a magnetic controlled switch. When you have the circuit connected you place a strong magnet near the switch and viola. BUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

     Oh. I meant. Verily place your magic totem pieces together in a blessed chain configuration. Then add the power of your soul stone into a coin and connect these using the heat of prometheus to apply these into one. Sorry I broke Character.

Seriously though solder it together. And tape your wires to the battery. I used some gorilla tape because i don't need to worry about shorting things out since this is only 3 volts, and the gorilla tape holds the wires to the battery really well. the only thing I did to ensure a good connection with the battery is roll the ends of the wire into a ball using some tweezers and solder a little ball on the end to come into good contact with the sides of the battery and then the tape has something to hold on to.

Step 4: Cosmic Binding!

I fired up my hot glue gun and glued the reed switch to the top inside of the skull and glued the motor to the bottom piece I cut off. Then I stuffed the battery and wires inside. I put a dab of hot glue on the inner rim of the cut off piece to hold it together.

Translation to Mystical Gobbdley gook : And verily I invoked a might binding spell and placed my spiritual coin and objects of swirly motion inside of the skull. From thence I beset the binding to parts removed. Whence completed I chanted the protection words and crossed my digits in anticipation.

Step 5: Moment De Resistance.

Now that I have all combined and ready. I speak the words of power. Spiritus, Liberate tu ta me ex Inferis. I then bringeth mine lodestone near and behold! At last mine creation doth comes to life. Tembling from wherever there spirits reside.

The Skull responds with mystical power and shakes to alert me whenever in the presence of spectral forms.

Seriously though. Freak your friends out when you want by hiding a magnet in the band of  a ring and then say the magic words. When you hold your hand over the skull it will vibrate and jump around. I can even get mine to follow the magnet in my hand so it looks as if it responds to me. I even have two huge ring magnets from an old microwave that I can put under the table and field is strong enough to activate it. 

I hope you enjoyed my invocation of mystery and receive it's knowledge well. And should you think that my comparison seem strange then remember the words of one of our great Wizards Arther C. Clarke, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." While this may not be very advanced for you, to someone from 150 years ago this would be witchcraft and they would run screaming in terror into the middle of the night. Perhaps to bring torches back to rid the planet of your miserable carcass and cleanse the darkness you bring forth. Or something like that.

I leave you now and hope you fair thee well.  Happy Halloween.

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