Introduction: The Amazing Legit PVC Pan Flute

I made a PVC Pipe pan flute, because in school were going to perform the song Jingle Bells in spite of the christmas holidays and spirit.

It is relatively easy to make a PVC pipe pan flute you will need some easy to find materials.


1) PVC pipes (ranging in size because of different notes)

2) Hot glue

3) Rubber Corks

Step 1: Find Your Pipes!!!

Find your pipes! We used 5 pipes because we needed 5 notes for the song Jingle Bells. It may be hard, but remember you can make a pan flute out of almost anything that is circular and hollow.

Step 2: Glue Your Pipes Together!!!!

Glue the pipes together! Line up all the pipes from end, so one end is straight and the other one varies in lengths. Once there lined up hot glue the pipes together.

Tip: Hot glue one side at a time. Hot glue in between the pipes then let dry, glue more, let dry, then flip it over, and glue it and dry it, as much times as wanted. Also donʻt glue to the very top because there may be bulges at the end, causing it to fall when you stand it up on the flat side.

Step 3: Cork Time!!!!!

Cork time! In our case we used rubber corks, you can use anything you want that will make sure the air wonʻt escape. When you use the corks, you should wedge it in as much as possible, to see how far it goes in. Then you can take it out and hot glue it in or tape it in place.

Remember if you hot glue it or tape it, you want to make sure that the air canʻt escape when you blow.

Step 4: Have Fun!!!!

Have Fun!!!! Have fun and play the pan flute. To play it blow over the note or pipe until it makes a sound. Have fun following a jingle or making up your own.

Remember to experiment with the sound. If you blow a certain way the sound can come out different. You may also want to tune it. Here is a link to a flute tuning site. Once you start to tune you still should experiment with it.

To hear amazing pan flute music click on this LINK.

Step 5: Fails!!!!

1) Finding the material. It was hard to find the materials, we needed PVC pipes. We were going to cut the pipes and make them out of different PVC, but we found/remembered that our teacher had hand pipes that were already notes.

2) It was hard finding an air stopper. Out of everything it was hardest to find things to clog the bottom. First we tried play dough but there were air leaks and the dough would dry. Then we used duct tape, but to get the desired note you had to put your hand under the tape so it served no purpose. Finally we found the corks and they worked perfectly.

3) Tuning. It was hard to find a good tuning site the best I found was this link and it has flute tuning instructions.