Introduction: The Amazing Tape Cube

How to make a tape cube. Have you ever gotten really bored in class and all you have is a roll of tape? Or you're just really bored? I have a solution, introducing the: Tape Cube!!!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Tape

Step 2: Rolling the Tape

First, get a piece of tape about 2 inches long. Then roll the tape around your finger, so the sticky side is on the inside, and then take it off.

Step 3: Making the Base

Next, wrap another piece of tape around the first rolled up piece of tape, so it makes a cube-like shape. Then, keep on alternating which piece of tape you wrap, and wrap the tape cube until it gets more sturdy and takes the form of a cube.

Step 4: Hide Your Tape Cube

Also, make sure to hide your tape cube from your teacher, or it will probably get taken away. :)

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