Introduction: The Bailarina

Today I will be showing you how to do a ballerina step by step. The supplies that you will need are very simple to find most of them you can find in your own house.

Step 1: Step 1: Insert the Straw on the Box

Step 2: Step2: Make Two Holes in the Middle of Each Circle and Put Them in the Wooden Sticks

Step 3: Insert the Wooden Stick Inside the Straw

Step 4: Step 4: Make a Hole in the Middle of the Box in a Point Where You Know the Two Circles Will Touch Each Other

Step 5: This Is How Your Project Should Look So Far

Step 6: Step 5: Put the Two Figures in the Wooden Stick and Put It in the One Connected to the Straw.

Step 7: That's How Your Final Product Should Look Like