Introduction: The Basic Shot Weapon (BSW) + Mods

First of all I would like to thank TheDunkis for this idea. 

Basically, this gun uses a firing pin that is like a charging handle and the elastics are attached to the front. This means more realism. The yellow connector on the front of the pin also means that the pin can fire multiple rounds, not too far off one of Oblivitus' ideas for a mag-fed shotgun. 

Anyway, this is a great fun-gun, and is very satisfying to fire. I hope to make it war-worthy with mods, possibly make an underslung variant and a pump-action mech. It also kinda looks like a Covenant Plasma Weapon from the Halo Series. 

It is design for close-range Power, not blistering range. 

Here are the stats:

Range: 25-30ft from one band, any more and I risk self-destructing the pin
Spread: 4-5ft
Mag Capacity: 9 shots, 3 bullets each slug.
Length: 32cm


>New Firing Pin Mech
>Super Strong top rail
>Comfy Handle
>Internal Mag Pusher
>Plasma weapon like shape
>Shotgun Rounds

Parts Count:

Green    ~140
White     ~47
Blue       ~6
Black     ~1

Red                ~24
Yellow            ~70
Orange          ~45
Green            ~4
Blue               ~2
Dark Grey     ~10
Light Grey     ~6
Tan                ~14
Metallic Tan ~4

Y Clips              ~19
Grey Gears      ~2
Black Wheels  ~4
Female Socket ~5
Blue Spacer      ~4

Extra Y Clips  ~8

Grey Clips ~At Least 3
White Rods  ~At Least 3

Here is version 1 in action

Step 1: Main Body

Pretty Simple. Note the special joining technique on Picture 4.

Step 2: Top Rail

This top rail is super-strong, so follow carefully. 

Step 3: Bottom Rail

This has to be done in layers, because the middle layer has a hole for the trigger block.

Step 4: Handle

This handle uses a strange way to connect it to the body- Pay Attention!

Step 5: Trigger


Step 6: Magazine

This is more tricky. The front of the mag will be loose, you will strengthen it later.

Step 7: Foregrip and Handle Guard

The middle layer is different- Pay Attention!

Step 8: Top Layer

The final layer, YAY! It is exactly the same as the bottom, just without the white/blue rods.

Step 9: Strengthening/ Extra Bits

These are crucial in order to keep the gun strong. 

Step 10: Banding/Loading

Look at how the pin is made, follow it exactly.
Use a small band on the mag.
Use a stretchy band on the pin.
Pull back the grey gears, and pull the trigger to fire (duh).

Step 11: Optional Stuff

These Y clips are optional, you don't need them, they just make the gun look better and smooth design up.

Step 12: Finito!!

Go have fun!

Step 13: Mods

I will post any of my mods and your mods here, just leave a picture in the comment box below.

Don't forget to comment any improvements/suggestions, I can take criticism.
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Picture 1: The New ammo! (Courtesy of KGB).
Picture 2: How it is loaded.
Picture 3: New trigger, strong and can take more bands.
Picture 4: New rear end, with sight-mount and better looks.
Picture 5: Pump-action progress/idea
Picture 6: Pump Idea. 
Picture 7: Foresight and band holder.

New ammo and mag pictures 8-15 by Knexgeek!

Requires modded parts, but means easy reload!