Introduction: The Best Turkish Drinks

Turkey is one beautiful and exotic place. Every corner is filled with rich culture and you will find an abundance of tasty meals and dishes right here. To match, there are also plenty of delicious and refreshing Turkish drinks to quench your thirst.

We’ve listed 5 great drinks that every visitor or even Turkish-drink enthusiast will adore:

1. Ayran

This delicious liquid yoghurt is a staple in most Turkish meals. It is made by simply whipping up yoghurt, water and salt; oftentimes, this is best served cold. This drink is often paired up with meat dishes and served at café’s, restaurants and even in grocery shops or the supermarket.

2. Boza

This is another Turkish drink best served during winter nights. Made from fermented grain (bulgur,) it is best served together with cinnamon and even roasted chickpeas. The Boza taste is slightly acidic with hardly any alcohol content. The drink was originally served up in Mesopotamia, 8000-9000 years ago. Today, the drink is still given to janissaries in the army.

3. Raki

No list of the best Turkish drinks is complete without including Raki. This is an incredibly strong drink that is often diluted in water. This is actually hailed as Turkey’s unofficial national drink and is similar to the Greek’s uzo. It is an aniseed-favored spirit that is often taken “straight up” and then followed by water on the side. However, the drink is not recommended for those who are novices.

4. Salep

During winter nights, the Salep is a special drink many Turks turn to. Before coffee was popular, this was the drink they offered. It is served with cinnamon sprinkled over a frothy top while the drink itself is a mixture of different spices; which in turn, gives the drink a very unique taste. This can be served with pie or with cake.

5. Salgam Suyu

This is a popular Turkish drink that originated in Adana at Southern Turkey. This wonderful juice is made from black carrot pickles that are salted, seasoned, and flavored with fermented turnip. This is often served in huge glasses along with wedges of carrots and paprika relish. Serve it with tasty kebab along with another popular Turkish drink, the Raki.

If you want to go ahead and get the best tasting drinks out of Turkey, give these five drinks a try. Each one is infused with a special touch of Turkey that allows you to experience a taste of the country.

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