Introduction: The Best Way to Lace Up Your Shoes

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I recently bought a pair of vans that I wanted to bar lace. My former pair of shoes were converse an I had made up a way to bar lace them myself instead of doing research like a sensible person. I wanted to try out the "real" way of bar lacing on my new vans so I looked it up and true to do it and realized: why would anyone want to lace up their shoes to look cool on the outside but then have to deal with all the lacing on the inside!? So I'm here to teach you how to lace up your shoes and still have comfortable feet ;)

Step 1: Bars 1 and 2

For bar one simply take your lace and slide it downwards through both of the eyelets nearest to the toe. For the second bar take the shoe!s right lace and put it upwards directly in the eyelet in front of the first one. Then bring the lace over and downwards through the corresponding eyelet.

Step 2: Bars 3 and 4

This is where it gets tricky. For the third bar bring the left lace up through the third eyelet on the left side. Then bring it across and downward to the matching eyelet on the right side. Now the laces are swapped. Take the lace you just used and bring it up through the eyelet in front of it. Then bring it over and downwards.

Step 3: Bar Five and Finishing

For bar five take the lace that you made the first two bars with and bring it up through the fifth eyelet on the left side. Then bring it over and down. Your excess lace should be even with each other and there should be no crossovers when you look at the laces. For finishing just slip them on and tighten (may seem wierd at first) and then tuck each lace in on the sides.

Step 4: Thank You.

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