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One side of the family has Christmas the weekend before and all the gifts go in the middle, everyone gets a card, and lowest chooses first. You can either take a gift from the middle or one from another person. It ends when the last gift is opened from the middle. My sister in law (sort of) wanted one of these, but it wasn't in the cards. So after a few pictures of it on the landing and she got it on Christmas day. Nothing like giving your family members the bird and them actually appreciating it.

So after a Christmas High Heel stocking it was nice to cut and burn some steel.

Stocking link....

lets get to it...

Step 1: Materials

Welder (gloves, helmet, safety glasses, slag hammer)
Hack saw (saws all if you have one)
Vice grip pliers
Cutters / lines man pliers (large enough to cut a nail head or use the hack saw)
Pipe 3/4 in black 3 ft long (to bend the re bar)

3 pieces - 2 ft re bar (choose the thickness you like)
2 fender washers (the diameter of the bolt will be the eye opening. I used 3/8in)
weld rod (I used 5 or so 1ft sticks)
one new or old shovel (hand small)
clear paint (respirator for protection)
3 - #16 nails

Step 2: Cut the Re Bar

A vice works great here if  you have one. Make the cuts based on the diagram.

I used a hack saw for the first one I made and switched over to the saws all for the second.

Cut all the material and take it to where ever you plan on welding. The 1" piece is scrap.

Step 3: Bend the Neck

A bench vice is needed here. Place the 8in re bar in the vice with 5 " or so sticking out the top. Slip the 3/4 steel pipe over the re bar and bend to a 85 or so deg angle.

Step 4: Start Welding

I assume you can weld. I cant give you any pointers as I kinda stink at it, but weld well enough for a re bar bird.

So here is a montage of the welding steps.....

Step 5: Add the Tail

I changed from the new shiny chrome version to a weathered pained one at my moms request. Remove the handle by either grinding off the rivets, or with the wooden handled one I used smash it with a hammer till the handle split. Clamp it on with a the vice grips and weld away.

Step 6: Cool and Paint

Let all the welds cool, clean them again. You will want to use a file and knock off all the sharp edges of the re bar. Set the bird on some card board and use your favorite clear paint to protect the re bar and welds.

Step 7: Give Your Mom the Bird

Once the paint is dry there is nothing left to do but give your loved one the bird....

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