Introduction: The Boardrun - an Interchangeable Marble Run

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I had a craft fair coming up in 3 days and was freaking out about it until I thought of marble runs. At this realization I thought, "What if I make a versatile, editable marble run?"

After a few prototypes made with weak magnetic paint, I realized that I could use a pegboard and rubberbands instead!

So, without further ado, I present... The Boardrun!!! (Bad name I know, don't remind me)

Using a DIY pegboard and rubberbands, this marble run has an endless amount of combinations for endless tinkering!

Let's get making!

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You will need

A bag of thick bamboo skewers

Assorted rubberbands

(edit: special thanks to jeanduino for finding this website to get a pack of rubber bands:

An artist's wooden painting board

Paint (optional)

A drill

A pencil

A small saw (I used a foam cutter)

Step 1: The Pegboard

Mark the pegboard holes. I used holes 1 inch apart from each other. When you finish, start drilling the holes. If you like you can spray paint the pegboard to make it look sleek.

Onto the next step!

Step 2: Make the Pegs

Mark the skewers depending on the length you want for the pegs. With your saw, cut the marks to get your pegs!

I made 30 pegs, but you may make more or less.

Step 3: Poke the Holes in the Pegboard

Using the pegs, poke the holes in the pegboard if they're slightly small and a tight fit for the pegs. This was my case, but if you get lucky you can skip this step.

Step 4: All Done!

I hope you enjoy your new Boardrun!

To use it, stick the pegs in the pegboard and string the rubber bands on.

Thank you for reading this instructable! It means a lot to me :D

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