Introduction: The Bracelet That Holds Your Pencil

Do you hate losing your pencil? This bracelet can help you. It uses magnets to keep your pencil securely on your wrist so when you need it you can pluck it off and when you're done your can drop it back on. It works best with long sleeves. It looks great when you're not using it for holding a pencil! A simple and fun art project.


  • 1 foot long piece of ribbon
  • paper
  • strong disc magnet
  • magnet strip
  • tape
  • pencil
  • sticky foam
  • Velcro stickers

Step 1: Step One: Prepare the Ribbon

Use the ribbon to measure the circumference of your wrist. Add one 1 inch for adjustments. Cut the ribbon to that length. It's important to use a ruler for this step, because this is the main band for your bracelet.

Step 2: Step Two: Prepare the Paper

Trace the ribbon onto the card stock and cut along the outline. Try pushing the ribbon against the card stock to keep it more steady. The paper and the ribbon will be the same size.

Step 3: Step Three: Gluing the Paper

Put a line of glue onto the paper. Make sure you don't use too much, or else the bracelet will be wrinkly. Tacky glue is a good option, because it sticks really well and isn't harmful. A good idea is to use the straight edge of a ruler to smooth the glue down. Attach the paper to the ribbon and let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Step Four: Attach the Velcro

Take one fuzzy Velcro sticker and attach it to the right side of the paper side of your bracelet. Flip over your bracelet and attach a rough Velcro sticker to the left side of the ribbon part of your bracelet. Make sure not to get mixed up on this step.

Step 5: Step Five: Attaching the Magnet

Take the disc magnet and attach a piece of sticky foam to it. Make sure the sticky foam is on the magnet so that no sticky foam is poking out. Stick the magnet to the middle of the bracelet. It's alright if the magnet pokes off the bracelet a little. The magnet should be stuck securely so that when you take off your pencil, the magnet does not peel off.

Step 6: Step Six: Creating the Pencil

Take the pencil and lay it down. Take the magnet strip and set it down lengthwise under the pencil. Pick up the pencil with the magnet strip and tape them together. You can use as much tape as you'd like, but make sure that the tape is wrapping around the magnet strip and the pencil, nowhere else.

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