Introduction: The Busy Box

You will need a few house hold supplies.


Tape Legos container scissors a folder pool filter cups Lego people or small toys

Step 1: Take a Card Board Box

And cut off the top flap.

Step 2: The Folder

Cut the folder in Half

Step 3: Tape

Tape the folder in the box like so.

Step 4: The Pen Cup

Take a pool filter and tap it down.

Step 5: The LEGO Container

Take a Container and a top and tape it down

Step 6: The Cups

Cups and tape it down and the little toys in there.

Step 7: Lago Board

LEGO board and cut it to any size needed and tape it down.

Step 8: Pens

Put the pens in the pool flitter.

Step 9: The LEGO Container

Put the lid on.

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