Introduction: The Cardboard Bridge Lamp (Arch Lamp)

About: Cardboard & more

I am a fan of interesting lightening ideas. Especially bridge lamps. I want to build it with cardboard. Because cardboards are more accessible and affordable. Shared templates can be used for different materials and forms.

I hope you will like this "instructables"

My best regards.


Let's write down the needs;

- Two layered cardboard pieces (I used 4 sheet 14x28x0.6cm & 4 sheet 14x56x0.6cm double layered cardboard)

- Narrow Sharp Model Knife (for first cutting)

- Wide Sharp Model Knife (for second and final cutting)

- Scissors (only for scraps)

- Hot Glue Gun (for joining and glueing)

- Non-wave liquid glue or spray glue (For glueing the templates to the cardboard)

- Ruler, Pencil

- Electrical cable terminal for 4 terminals 30 A (r-g-b-V)

- 5 mt rgb led strip (2,5mt x 2 line)

- 12v/30a led driver and power supply

Step 1: Designing Cardboard Bridge Lamp

First, i started designing bridge lamp for my desktop dimensions.

My desktop length is 165cm. So the bridge lamp semi-circle diameter is 165cm.

It also provides circumference of semi circle is about 265cm and it suits 5mt rgb led for two lines.

I have and A4 laser printer and the template must be printable on A4 paper.

I divided semi circle to 11 parts for printing and numbered the joinings.

I share the templates below.

Step 2: Cutting Templates

I glued templates to the cardboard pieces. I used non-wave liquid glue for appropriate glueing.

First I used narrow model knife for the first cut.

After that I used wide model knife the second and final cut.

The trick of the cutting the joining parts is cut only one layer of the cardboard (from the shaded joining parts). After glueing joining parts become again two layer and uniform thickness. Reminding that If you cut front side of one connections you should cut rear side of the other.

Step 3: Joining Parts

I was too impatient for joining pieces. So i started to piece together 11 parts. but after third piece i realised that it is diffucult to turn the joined parts.

Because of that I suggest; join parts in small peaces and after that join the whole structure.

Each 11 parts consist two parts. First upper part; with one layer cutted left end right sides (template no 1-4). And the second lower part (template no 5). I glued these 2 parts first. After that I combined them as numbered.

After complete the combining i powered the glued connection parts with small reinforcement cardboard pieces. (template no 6)

Step 4: Desktop Clamps

Because of the all desktop tables thickness is different I made it suitable for my desktop.

My desktop table thickness is 1,8 cm.

I reinforced the desktop connection with 4x9x0,6cm rectangular cardboard pieces. And I wraped it around with another cardboard piece.

I also reinforced the arc beginning corners 4x4x0,6cm triangle cardboard pieces.

Step 5: RGB Led Strip Assembly

I cut the 5mt rgb led strip from the middle. As two cabled sides to be the same, i assembled to the 4 lined terminal. And i glued the terminal up of the clamp.

Step 6: Final Words...

I enjoyed to make this "instructable" very much.

You can wrap the construction with several materials for aesthetically pleasing.

But I prefer it looks as a cardboard.

It's simple and effective.

Have a good day from Türkiye.