Introduction: The Cardboard Lamp

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This project is inspired by the work of Fabio Afonso, who designed a cardboard lamp named Cartonado-1 (cool name!) for Vicara. You can check it out here.

It’s a simple cardboard desktop lamp which you can fold for packing purpose. I’m going to add a twist for this cool design. I wanted to have a cardboard lamp with an option to use the lamp either fold or unfold.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools & Materials


· Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard

· A4 Envelope/Folder

· Lamp Cord

· Bulb Holder

· LED Bulb


· Cutter/Scissor

· Cutting Board

· Marker Pen/Ruler

· PVA White Glue

· Craft Tape/Masking Tape

Step 2: Print/Cut Template

Print the template and trace it over the cardboard. I use a standard E27 bulb holder, if you have different holder then you may need to adjust the template.

Make sure the drawn template is perpendicular to the cardboard’s corrugated line before you cut. We want to have the corrugated shape to be visible along the side of the lamp.

Total number of pieces need to be cut:

Lamp Body – 12 pieces.

Base Support (for folding) – 2 pieces.

Base Support (for unfolding) – 1 piece.

Step 3: Assemble the Lamp

Take a pair of the Lamp body and place it side by side. Use craft tape/masking tape to attach the two pieces together along the seam. Flip over the cardboard and attach the next one to its side. Continue this process until all the cardboards are attached together.

Step 4: Some Modification Needed

Once done, you’ll see a nice horizontal cut through the corrugated lines on the sides. However the top side doesn’t look as nice because you cut it along the corrugated lines. I made some modification so that you can have the corrugated shape alongside all the edges.

First, remove the inner corrugated wall by cutting about 1 cm. Next, cut a strip of cardboard to be inserted inside the cut section. Do this on both the top side and the base.

Step 5: Add the Cover

There are few reasons to add a cover or layer on top of the cardboard surface. Apart from decorative purpose it is use to cover any marks/scratches and further add strength to the joint. I like the natural brown cardboard color so I look for the same material for the cover. I cannot find any large sheet of craft paper so I use an envelope which has similar texture and color instead. Mark the outline of the lamp shape on the envelope, cut it out and attach it to the cardboard with PVA white glue.

Step 6: Attach the Lamp Cord

Get the lamp cord and insert the cable through the middle hole of the lamp. Set the LED bulb right in the center of the lamp. Use the base support to fix the lamp position; either fold or unfold.

Step 7: Light It Up!

You can have a direct light by folding the lamp or have a segmented light by opening the folds.Enjoy your cardboard lamp.


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