Introduction: The Cardboard Marble Race

Race your marbles and be careful which way you turn or you could up in jail. First to the finish lines wins


You will need cardboard, marbles, glue, scissors, pencil, marker, tape and a ruler

Step 1: The Base

Cut a base about 27 in. long and 21 in. wide for your marble race.

Step 2: Starting Tower

you will want to construct a tower 14 in. high

Step 3: Top of the Tower

Construct a square top that is 11 in. wide add wall and make marble guides.

Step 4: Marble Tubes

Construct tubes that are 10 to 14 in. long and have a circumference of 3 1/2 in.

Step 5: Turn Tubes

make turns that have an average 5 in. long and have 3 1/2 in. circumference. cut and bend the the cardboard to make them.

Step 6: Starting Mechanism

Make a turn but have a hole on one side in the middle then cut slits in the tube too put in release. Then add it to your tower

Step 7: Custom Tower Tube

This will tube will need to be cut with frilled ends so that it can be attached to the tower

Step 8: Connect Turns

You will need to connect turns to the custom tower tube.

Step 9: Plinko

create a Plinko so that your marble can split paths

Step 10: Jail

Create mechanism inside your jail so that it needs player interaction to escape

Step 11: Bases (for Jail and Plinko)

Construct triangle base for your Plinko and jail

Step 12: Finish Tubes

Attach tubes to Plinko and jail to take the marble to the finish line

Step 13: Finished

You have completed your marble race. Now you can challenge family and friends to race you for fun or for glory.

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