Introduction: The Cat Desk - a New Way to Work

Oh hey... I didn't see you there!

Now my friends please take a moment to reflect on this very real issue. Have you ever been working studiously at your desk only to find yourself distracted by nothing other than your very special companion, or should I say your cat? I know the feeling when Harry or David wants nothing more than a tummy rub but you really need to finish your English paper! Fear no more, for I have invented the perfect solution that can "cat"er to your work ethic, and allow your kitty to be happy as well.

The Cat Desk seems like a regular desk at first glance, but one may notice the level below your work space. What is that you may ask? Well it is a space to keep your friend's favorite toys, scratching boards, beds you name it. Whatever you can dream, The Cat Desk can make a reality.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials!

I know you are all incredibly excited to begin building your new desk for you and your best friend, but before we begin we must dive into our list of materials.

To build The Cat Desk properly, you will need the following materials...

1 - 24x48" Sheet of 3/4" Plywood

1 - 21x45" Sheet of 3/4"

4 - 30" long 2x4s

4 - 24" long 2x4s

2 - 45" long 2x4s

1 - Drill with a Philips Head Bit

1 - Box of 2.5" Deck Screws


- Sandpaper

- Woodstain (color or shade of your preference)

- Additional Cat Toys (scratching boards, beds, catnip, etc.)

Step 2: Building Your Top!

Alright let us begin by grabbing a few of our materials. For this step you will need...

2 - 24" Long 2x4s

2 - 45" Long 2x4s

1 - Drill with Philips Head Bit

1 - Box of 2.5" Deck Screws

Ok now that you have materials line up all of your 2x4s on a smooth surface and arrange them as they appear in the photo above. Make sure that you are drilling the 24" 2x4 into to 45" 2x4, using at least two screws for each corner, to make sure that you will have a sturdy surface for your desk.

Step 3: Finishing Off Your Top!

Alright now once you have created your basic 2x4 structure, make sure you back and grab that 24"x48" sheet of 3/4" plywood.

Now what you are going to want to is position your plywood on top of the 2x4 structure, and put a screw into every 12 inches along the edges of your desk.

Make sure that all off your screws are going into the 2x4s below, and not missing and poking out of the wood!

Step 4: Attaching Your Legs!

Alright now you have completed the surface of your desk, so now what you are going to do is attach your four legs. So find those four 30" long 2x4s, and make sure they are all the exact same length. This is very important, for if they are not all the same length, your desk will not be sturdy.

Now that you are sure they are the same length, you can begin attaching each leg horizontally in each of the four corners of the desk, which you can see in the image above. I highly recommend drilling in at least four screws per leg. Two screws should be entering the thin part of the 2x4 and the other two should be entering the wide part.

Step 5: Beginning Your Bottom Section!

Alright, now that you have successfully attached your legs grab your tape measure. You are going to want to measure 6 inches down from the end of the leg, and mark that out with a pencil. This is where the support for your bottom section while go. Be sure to do this process for each leg and measure carefully, otherwise your bottom section may not be entirely level.

Now for attaching these two supports I recommend adding at least 2 screws to each leg, or even 3 in a triangle formation. Once attached your desk should look like the photo above.

Step 6: Attaching Your Bottom Section

Alright now grab that final sheet of 3/4" plywood. Take your 21x45" sheet, and place it below, so that it is resting level on the two supports. Once level secure the section with four screws across, going down into the supporting 2x4 below.

You are now finished building The Cat Desk!

You may now give the desk a nice sand and begin adding whatever toys you can imagine. Now you can say goodbye to the days where your friend gets in the way of your work, without having to say goodbye to your friend.

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