Introduction: The Cd Spinner

This is a cool colorful toy that you can make very fast and have fun with.


You will need:

An old cd or dvd

A drill

colored stickers

Led lights (optional for glow in the dark)


Step 1: Holes in Cd for String.

Take your cd or dvd and drill 2 holes the same length away from the original cd hole in the center.

Step 2: Sticking the Stickers on the Cd or LED Lights on the Cd.

Once your done drilling the two holes into the cd or dvd πŸ“€ start sticking the stickers onto the cd or dvd. (You can choose what colors you want but it is best to do the colors in the picture or rainbow colors.) If you are using LED lights use a glue gun to glue it onto the cd in a spiral shape.

Step 3: Attaching the String to the Cd.

Now take your 1m to 2m string and thread both sides of the string through the two holes. Now tie the two ends together by making a knot.

Step 4: Playing With Your Cd Spinner.πŸ“€πŸ₯³

Put your tow pointy fingers at the two ends that are closed up, but the cd must be in the middle of the string and start making a long knot on the two sides of the cd by spinning the cd while it’s up straight.

Step 5: Playing With Your Cd Spinner 2 πŸ“€πŸ₯³

Now that your cd spinner is winded up you must push both your pointy fingers out and watch the colors. To keep it repeating keep on pushing your two pointy finger out as hard as you can. Hope you get it right, if you don’t keep practicing and have fun playing with it and watching all the beautiful colors.

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