The Conduit Knex Guns

Introduction: The Conduit Knex Guns

I love the conduit, it is my favorite game and I cant wait for number two to come out on November 3. As a celebration, I am going to build most of the guns on this instructable. I hope you do too!

edit: I'm mad, i went into game stop and asked them when conduit 2 was coming out and they said Nov 3. ALL LIES! it comes out some time in February

Step 1: Deatomizor Mk4

yes yes i know they are not really deatomizers, but the deatomizer in the conduit was modeled after the Kriss super V
no instructions yet on this site but here are some slide shows and other pictures

never mind here are some instructions

Step 2: Spas 12

knex spas 12 replica
single shot gun
pump doesn't work
foldable stock

Step 3: Scar

there are just too many scar instructables for me to look at them all
just search for them yourself and find some good ones and leave it as a comment so i can update

sorry! :(

Step 4: TPC Launcher

although not exactly like the trust power cell launcher, it is the closest i could find on the web. I've heard it is a very great knex gun

Step 5: SMAW

It doesn't look much like a SMAW but it was as close as I could find.

Step 6: Additions

if you find any other knex guns that resemble guns from the conduit, leave a link in the comments and i will update if they are worthy of it.

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    Fred the evil puppet

    A slanted hanle and A smaller pump is needed. Other than tjat; goog gun!


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 2

    i didnt build any of these guns