Introduction: The Crayon Painting

This Painting was made by the heat of the sun.This took one hour and at the end turned out nicely.

Step 1: Crayons

First find lots of crayons that are different colors.Blue,red,green,green yellow,yellow green,dandelion,purple, violet,indigo and more.Next strip the Crayons skin off and cut them 2 and 1/4 Inches.After aline them by color.

Step 2: The Preperation

Next Lay out Newspaper and Cardboard on the spot.Then put down Rocks so there is no chance it will blow away.Carefully bring the crayons and a sheet of White Paper out.

Step 3: The Heat

Next get a piece of paper and lay the crayons out in rainbow order or Random Order.Then wait 20 Minutes and slide a Binder under the Piece of paper that has crayons.Wait 20 Minutes and Check again.Keep checking until it is dried.

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