Introduction: The Dejunkinator (Using Only Common Household Tools)

The Information Revolution has brought about a plethora of gadgets and along with them, a horrendous nightmare - finding a place for the chargers, wires, dongles ,adapters and accessories(A little less pity for the Apple fanboys though,they brought it upon themselves!)

Well,I cant solve the problem of having to deal with a multitude of chargers and wires but what I can do is alleviate it to an extent and make sure your desk looks like a desk and not some municipal dumping ground.

Keeping the lock-down imposed in mind, I'm only using basic household tools and some creativity for this build.


  • An empty box
  • A pair of scissors
  • A kitchen knife
  • A ruler
  • A4 sheets
  • A small plastic box (for the smaller trinkets like flash drives)(optional)
  • A marker or pen
  • Sandpaper
  • Thumb pins or tacks
  • Paint
  • A roll of tape

Step 1: The Difference

Before we start of making this project I'm pretty sure you guys would like to know if this build is worth your time and if this would make any difference to your current "messy-merizing" situation...

And since pictures speak volumes over words you can have a look at the Before and After scenario at my place.

Step 2: What I'm Using

An old battery box and normal tools that I have around the house.

Step 3: Don't Leave Stuff to Fate, First Make a Template.

Now before you go chopping up the box like a lumberjack, its better to make a template.This will ensure that you don't make a wrong cut or hole and mess up the whole project.

Take a sheet of paper and trace an outline of the box on it.This will give you an idea of the space you have to work with.

Now make markings of the places where you want to cut out holes for the charging bricks,wires and the laptop charger.(A handy tip- place all the chargers together and then trace them.This way you'll know how mush spacing you can afford)

For the chargers make an inverted Pikachu head shape.I've found this works best at holding on to the ends of the wires.

For the laptop charger,cut out three sides of a rectangle to make a door and two notches on the side to hold the ends of the wire.Try to make it as clean as possible because the door is friction fit.(You could make a latch,but that would spoil the specific look I was shooting for.)

NOTE: The markings I've made are according to my requirements feel free to change them up to suit you. :)

Step 4: Paste the Template on the Box

Pretty self explanatory.

Align the edges and tape it on the edges.(If your using glue,make sure you don't put on too much because you need to remove it later)

Lets move on.

Step 5: To the Chopping Blocks We Go...

The most crucial part of this build.

Cut carefully along the markings on the template. (Don't worry if its not too perfect ,we are going to fix that in the next step).

Cut a slot for the plastic container on the top of the box. (Top tip- Cut a slot slightly smaller and jam the container in.This will help in keeping a tight fit)

I'm using the plastic container to hold smaller items like flash drives and SD cards but you can use it for whatever you like.(ex:Loose change,medicines)

Step 6: A Little Here a Little There, a Little Sanding to Make It Bare

Go berserk on the sanding.

We need the edges smooth and clean and the box nice and rough to prepare it for painting.

A rougher surface helps the paint adhere better and give the box a nice finish.

Next,test fit all the components you want to put in. Sand the edges until everything fits nice and snug.

Step 7: Ready, Set, Paint...

Let those creative juices flow, paint and decorate your very own Dejunkinator in any style you want.

I went for a clean and minimalistic look which I love. [Also because I only had white paint on hand ;) ]

I painted the box white and detailed it with black electrical tape.And let me tell you,no matter how sloppy your paint job is ,good detailing can make it look stunning.

The main takeaway is not to skimp on the detailing and decoration since that's what separates a good looking product and a functioning masterpiece

Step 8: Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labour...

And we're done!

Go ahead, show everybody your amazing handiwork and bask in the praise that's bound to come.

All this while your very own Dejunkinator does double duty- keeping your desk,table or cupboard mess free and also being the one-stop for all your charging needs.

Also feel free to add hooks or pins to the sides to hang up wristwatches,ID cards or headphones.The slot made for the charging cable can accommodate your earphones just as easily.

Step 9: P.S - the Stuff I Fit Into It ... and Mods

You wouldn't believe all the stuff you could fit into it so I had to show you.

This is a table full of accessories I fit in.(Mind you this is a pretty big table.)

You could also customize it to your hearts content. I went ahead and cut a hole to accommodate a Bluetooth speaker in the back which I can still use comfortably.

So go on try making it yourself and do remember to share photos after you build it.

Until next time...

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