Introduction: The Easiest DIY Sundial

I love STEM and making things, so I like to find new and easier ways to make stuff. That is why I made a sundial, with only one sheet of paper.


-Paper (Cardstock works best)


-Two Pens (different colors)


Step 1:

Cut a circle eight inches in diameter and draw a small line on the edge. This is to help place the sundial in the right spot.

Step 2:

Cut two four in strips with a width of one centimeter and tape them together on the top, middle and one centimeter from the bottom. Fold the bottom in opposite directions. The tape to the middle of the sundial.

Step 3:

Place the sundial outside and point the colored line to the North. Draw a line with a different color than the mark, were the shadow falls every hour. Then your done. At least until daylight savings.

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